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      Hebei Huafu Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional project company specialized in consultation, design, implementation, calibration and validation of purification project, clean pipeline project, mechanical and electrical installation project, automation control project etc. We offer complete high-qualitypharmaceutical project solutions.Our customers include NCPC, CSPC, HGPF, GL and many other such well-known pharmaceutical companies as well as burgeoning companies.
       Our clean projecttakes the lead on all aspects, which are process, equipment, material, and environment management. Throughout the implementation process, it is highly systematized technology-based. For example, the implementation and management are developed on the systematic level, andthe safety testing is carried outwith advanced equipment.
      Since its establishment, we have accomplished more than 400 projects across the country, including sterile bulk drugs project, non-sterile bulk drugs project, infusion project, freeze-dried production project, injection preparation project, oral solid dosage forms project, biological vaccine project, biological products project, water injection preparation project, health care products production project, etc.We havefulfilled a great number of customers with project designs and validation programs.
      Refinement implementation and strict working attitude guarantee the project quality. Our consistency principle of designing the project is affordable. Experienced from extensive cases, we are capable to save every penny for customers. We devote to use the least resources on the premise of meeting the most stringent GMP audit. Through numerous practices and long-term accumulation, our company cultivated a number of experienced professional teams on design, installation and GMP validation. We keep to the advanced concept of Quality by Design (QbD), and fully follow the ISPE-GEP, ASME-BPE and other guidelines and standards in the pharmaceutical field. To achieve dramatically improvement, our company has introduced a number of international advanced equipment and high precision instruments to replace the traditional process.Whether it is a new turnkey project, or reformation or expansion of an existing plant workshop, we will provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution on time. Our experienced project managers will ensure the commercial success of your project.

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